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Pro Cut RMR Mount


This is a one piece aluminum optic mount for attaching a Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507c to the Sig Sauer LE/Pro, V-TAC P320 pistol. The mount is screw down threw the top of the slide. New screws, hex wrenches and thread locker provided.  .562oz with hardware

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**IMPORTANT: Springer Precision can only guarantee compatibility with the models and optics listed! Please call prior to placing order if you have any questions**

**Designed to only fit the Sig Sauer P320 LE/Pro, V-TAC, some X-Serise sildes with the cut for the Romeo 1 Pro and Deltapoint Pro. With the dovetail. Please reference photo.

Does NOT work with the RX, X-Five/X-Carry, M17, P320 M18, P320 X-Compact, P320 X-Five Legion slides, and commemorative or military issue editions.. WILL NOT FIT OTHER MODELS**

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