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Filler Plate for Sig Sauer P320/P226 R2 Slides


This is a one piece aluminum filler plate for attaching a red dot to the Sig Sauer slides that are cut for the Romeo 1 Pro/R2, that has the RMR holes. This adapter plate fills the gap in the front of the optic and studs so your optic can be securely mounted. Your slide must have the threaded holes for the RMR for this plate to work. Minimum sight height to cowitness is .300"

New screws, hex wrenches and thread locker provided. 

Not recommended for the SRO 

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Spacer Plate Fitting Instructions

**Designed to only fit the Sig Sauer P320/P226 slides with the cut for the Romeo 1 Pro, Romeo 2 and Deltapoint Pro. Please reference photo.

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SP0276, SP0276-H
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