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R2 Co-Witness Optics Mount for Sig Sauer P320


• One piece optic mount that has a built in rear sight 
• Includes a fiber optic front and fiber optic rear sight (407k/507k/EPS/EPS Carry)
• Includes a fiber optic front and black rear sight (SRO)
• Includes a fiber optic front and black rear sight (Acro P1,P2/Steiner MPS)
• Extra .040" fiber optic included to change color
• All appropriate hardware is included to properly mount your optic

• R2 cut P320 slides (See last photo for example)
• Front sight is .290" tall (407k/507k/EPS/EPS Carry)
• Front sight is .340" tall (SRO, P1, P2, MPS)
Please email us a picture of your slide for verification if you are uncertain about the optic cut you have. Send the image to orders@springerprecision.com.

Product Overview:

Our optic plate is a seamless co-witness solution, featuring a design that incorporates the rear sight as part of the optic plate. It's important to note that this plate is not compatible with slides that have a rear dovetail sight integrated into the slide, such as the Pro Cut slides. It is compatible with the R2 cut models like the M17, M18 and the X5 Legion. The R2 cut slides are specifically designed to accommodate optics like the Romeo 1 Pro, Deltapoint Pro, and Romeo 2, which integrate the rear sight as part of the optic cut cover plate. These come with our provided screws and thread locker. 

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SP0283, SP0286, SP0287
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USA 6061-T6511 Aluminum
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