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.25" Basepad Dimpled Springs for Springfield XDM 9/40


XDM 9/40 extended basepads are CNC machined from aluminum and hard anodized. This lengthens the magazine .25" to make for easier, more reliable magazine changes. They also allow you to use a magwell without adding capacity to the magazines. They are perfect for IDPA ESP and USPSA.

Fit XDM 40cal.

THESE WILL NOT WORK WITH THE SQUARE BASED MAGAZINE SPRINGS, you will need a replacement XDM9 spring if you have a SQUARE based magazine spring.

0.81 OZ

Custom engraved and custom colors are non-returnable.

This is for use with DIMPLED SPRINGS ONLY!    If you have square springs use our square spring basepads.

*XDM .40 uses dimpled spring pads.*

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