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Extended Magazine Release - Production/ESP - for Smith & Wesson M&P


These releases are made from a high strength alloy and hard coated. These match the factory profile per rule 21.6 in the USPSA rulebook. These are a great addition to competition pistols or for those who want a little extra reach so you don't have to shift your grip to drop a magazine. This is extended .1" longer than the factory release and is suitable for carry and competition use. *USPSA Production, Limited, and Open approved approved.*

Fits 1.0 and 2.0 Models with a double stack mag (all calibers - 9/40/45/10).Does not work on the metal frame M&P. Does not work if your mag is single stack.

4.53 Grams 0.16 OZ

** USPSA Rule Book 2014 Production Division 21.6 Special Notes/Clarifications:
"A factory/OFM magazine release which extends only the length of the magazine release may be used."

**IDPA ESP Legal**

We specifically make an factory release that extends the length only per the 21.6 rule. It is specifically allowed and verifed by NROI for use in the Production Division.

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