Sig Armorer

Sig Armorer - Flat Trigger- Competition Level Trigger Kit - Sig Sauer P320


This trigger enhancement kit from the Sig Armorer comes with five parts and five sets of two springs.

This kit includes:

  • Legion Trigger – factory black skeletonized Legion Flat Trigger but with our polishing and our welded overtravel stop.
  • Hardened Sear – our hand-polished sear is designed to be well fixed around the pivot pin to keep it aligned. Optimized to reduce creep. Made from 17-4 stainless steel, hardened to H900 spec, and Nickel Boron Nitride anti-friction coated.
  • Chrome Disconnector – our machined disconnector is hardened to reduce the wear associated with the stock part. Made from 17-4 Stainless steel, H900 heat treated, and chrome finished to sub-10u surface.
  • Trigger Bar – our trigger bar is optimized with a hard point takeup stop that will never degrade or become loose like set screws can. Hand polished and contoured to reduce friction.
  • Striker – our striker is optimized with machining, contouring, and polishing steps to greatly reduce creep.
  • Springs – you get a total of 10 springs; four trigger bar springs and six sear springs allowing you to customize your trigger pull weight to meet your needs.

You can expect your trigger pull length to be reduced by over 50% with reduced takeup, creep, overtravel, and reset. Weight will vary between 2.5 and 3.5 depending on which springs are installed.

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