Sig Armorer

Sig Armorer - Cradle Trigger - Competition Level Trigger Kit - Sig Sauer P320


This trigger enhancement kit from the Sig Armorer comes with five parts and five sets of two springs.

This kit includes:


A proprietary "Cradle" curved trigger designed specifically to reduce travel. This makes the gun feel like a 1911 rather than a striker fired pistol. It is made from 4140 tool steel and QPQ coated.


The sear is made from17-4 stainless steel with nickel boron coating. This is designed to have a softer letoff than stock and optimized to reduced creep and reset.


The disconnector is 17-4 steel and hard chrome finished. It’s designed to fix some of the problems with longevity in the stock part. Specifically, the MiM stock part wears very quickly in comparison.


This is a stock Sig Sauer striker that has been machined and then shaped, contoured, and polished by hand. This was designed to reduce creep.

Trigger bar

This is a stock Sig Sauer trigger bar that’s been modified and an added takeup stop to reduce takeup travel.

You receive 4 trigger bar springs and 6 sear springs of varying weights for tuning. End result is a super short--50% shorter than stock--trigger pull with a bright and obvious reset. The trigger pull weight will vary from 3.5 lb to 4.5 lb depending on springs.

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