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Pro Cut/Spectre Comp/DH3/RXP TO R2 CUT (no dovetail) For Sig Sauer


  Make your selections below, by selecting all of the options you want and need.  Please note that only certain optic cuts are available on certain slides, with certain configurations.  Prices are for milling only unless cerakote, or a Springer Precision Optic Mount is added.

If you want to include new sights with your slide, please do so in one package, and we will mount them when aplicable.

With this milling option, there will be no rear dovetail for a iron sight, just the modification of the Pro Cut/Spectre Comp/RXP cut to the new R2 cut.

This modification will allow you to mount one of our optic mounts, so it can then be possible to have a optic like the Romeo 3 Max/XL on your slide.



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