Springer Precision

HD Extractor - for Springfield XD/XDM/ELITE 9/40


High-quality 17-4 stainless-steel construction designed to improve the extraction reliability
• The angles and contours have been designed to give consistent reliable extraction
Designed to improve the ejection reliability
A must have for the high-volume shooter

• XD 9mm/.40cal Models
• XDM 9mm/.40cal Models
• XDM Elite 9mm/.40cal Models

Product Overview:

Springer Precision has designed and created the Springfield XD extractor using precise CNC machining that offers a lifetime of durability.  It is made from 17-4 heavy-duty stainless-steel material to improve ejection reliability and precise operation. Micro-polishing gives the extractor a smooth finish. The Springfield XD extractor is perfect for those who are avid shooters and those looking to improve the function of their Springfield XD.

The high-quality extractor plays a vital role in the firearm's operation. It guides the cartridge during feeding, ensuring proper alignment of the primer with the firing pin. Additionally, it facilitates the extraction and ejection of spent shells. As the firearm unlocks, the extractor's claw engages the cartridge rim. When the slide moves backward, the cartridge is extracted from the chamber and held against the breech face. Finally, as the slide reaches its rearward position, the ejector comes into play, pushing the spent cartridge through the ejection port for complete removal from the firearm.

Will need to be tuned for proper function!

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17-4 stainless-steel