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Extended Magazine Release - Production/ESP- for Springfield XD/XDM


These releases are made from from stainless steel and match the factory profile per rule 21.6 in the USPSA rulebook. These are a great addition to competition pistols or for those who want a little extra reach so you don't have to shift your grip to drop a magazine. This extended release is suitable for carry and competition use.

Mag Release Installation

*USPSA Production, Limited, and Open approved approved.  

** USPSA Rule Book 2014 Production Division 21.6 Special Notes/Clarifications:

"A factory/OFM magazine release which extends only the length of the magazine release may be used."

We specifically make an factory release that extends the length only per the 21.6 rule. It is specifically allowed and verifed by NROI for use in the Production Division.

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