Springer Precision

Quick Connect Mounting System


This Springer Precision Quick Connect mounting system was designed to give our competitive shooters the ability to have a truly interchangeable holster and magazine pouch system on one belt.  With our system, you can now add, remove and/or interchange your holsters and magazine pouches without removing your belt.  This system is ideal for competitive shooters that shoot more than one handgun or the 3 Gun shooter that needs to add or remove a shotgun caddie or AR15 mag pouch or even their holster. 

Our base system come with a female block, a locking thumb screw and your choice of a small, medium, or large offset attachment. You then have the options of getting additional offset attachments and either a Bladetech or Safariland holster attachment, a Safariland belt attachment or a DOTS belt attachment. All mounting hardware will be included with all corresponding pieces.

The system has three ways of being attached to your belt. Either you can attach the male offset attachment by mounting it directly to your belt, you can use the Safariland belt attachment, or the DOTS belt attachment. The Safariland belt attachment matches up with your Safariland ELS belt hole pattern, but it can also be mounted to any standard competition belt.  Either way will give you a strong and secure purchase onto your competition belt and gives you the ability to set your holster or magazine pouch to whatever angle you desire. 

Our Quick Connect mounting system is made of anodized 6160 aluminum. It is perfect for 3 Gun and USPSA shooters. 

Below we have the dimensions of the QC Mounting System:

- QC female and large male - 1.0850"

- QC female and medium male - 0.8510"

- QC female and small male - 0.5860"

- QC Bladetech holster adapter - 0.1950"

- QC Safariland holster adapter - 0.2015"

- QC Safariland belt adapter - 0.2220"

**Please note if you are using our QC mounting system for USPSA, it is your responsibility to make sure your handgun is within the 2 inch maximum from your body.**

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