Springer Precision CZ 75 Dr/Burris/Venom Dovetail Mount

This is a one piece aluminum sight base for the CZ 75 standard dovetail pistols. It uses the rear dovetail to mount the sight to your slide. Hard anodized for a long service life, we also added polymer-tipped set screws fore and aft to our mount to make the sight mount much more stable than other designs.  Mount is compatible with the Vortex Venom & Viper, Burris Fastfire II & III, and Docter Optics.  .531oz with hardware, not including optic.

*Also fits the CZ97 and standard SP-01 (not the SP-01 Shadow, that uses different mount)

*May fit the Canik TP9, though we cannot guarantee this as your TP9 may have different dovetail cuts, such as the Glock dovetail cut.

*Please find the CZ P07/P09 mount in the CZ section for use with those platforms as it requires different hardware.


Springer Precision CZ 75 Dr/Burris/Venom Dovetail Mount
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