Blade-Tech S&W M&P OWB Holster w/ DOS Loop

The "offset" feature of this holster allows for a greater degree of outward cant, which positions the grip of your pistol away from the body in a vertical position for more positive indexing. This popular holster also features a "drop", which lowers the placement of the pistol for an easier reach, allowing the arm to remain more extended. The Drop and Offset holster is very popular for range work and is perfect for women's carry. The loop is adjustable for three different cants, Straight Drop, FBI cant, Muzzle Forward. The holster also comes with an adjustable belt loop and it comes with a shim for the different belt widths; this is accomplished by moving the shim to the different slots on the loop.

Blade-Tech S&W M&P OWB Holster w/ DOS Loop
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