Grip Safety - for Springfield XD/XDM 9/40


• Extended at the bottom of the grip safety
• Gives positive feedback to your hand

• XD 9mm and .40cal models
• Does not fit XD .45 ACP models
• XDM models
• XDM Elite models
• Does not fit XDS models

Product Overview:
The EZ Grip safety is designed specifically to make for a positive disengagement of the grip safety without having to over-grip the pistol.  It has an extended bump to ensure pistol operation with less than a perfect grip while still allowing the safety to properly function.  The grip safety is located at the top rear of the firearm grip.  The grip safety must be depressed to be deactivated.  Unless the grip safety is properly depressed and deactivated, the firearm will not fire even if the trigger is pulled. Grip safety must also be depressed to allow the slide to be pulled to the rear. The grip safety is designed to be deactivated when the firearm is properly gripped to fire.  To fire the handgun, you must properly hold the handgun, and depress the grip safety, deactivate the thumb safety (if equipped), and then put your finger on the trigger to depress the trigger safety and pull the trigger. When the grip safety and thumb safety (if equipped) are deactivated, the firearm will fire when the trigger is pulled. To assure the most reliable function, it is necessary to properly grip the handgun.

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