Springer Precision Sig P320 9 mm EZ +10 Base Pads

Springer Precision Sig P320 9mm +10 extended capacity base pads are CNC machined from aluminum and hard anodized for a long service life. We provide the option to get them with a Grams Engineering follower kit for maximum capacity, or with a regular extra power spring to use with your follower.  The unique locking mechanism allows a very solid attachment with a simple backing out of the discrete set screw.  They are specifically designed to work with our mag wells.  The unique attachment design provides a low profile, sleek design that is very stable and easy to remove. * We include a .050 hex driver that makes installation and removal a breeze. There will be a gap between the base pad and frame if used with a compact model.  2.474oz

*No engraving on raw pads*

*slide lockback funtionality disabled when using Grams Follower kit*


**Disclaimer: As with all competition geared changes, always make sure you test and check your gear before you take it to a competition setting.  With 140mm/170mm magazine configurations especially, check the magazine in a USPSA 140mm/170mm gauge to make sure it fits.  With mass produced items like magazines, sometimes they can vary slightly from one to the next, often in the magazine lips that connect with the magazine extension/basepad.


Springer Precision Sig P320 9 mm EZ +10 Base Pads
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