Springer Precision FASTMAG .223 Gen 3 Pmag Coupler

This coupler is designed by shooters for shooters and joins two 20, 30 or 40 round, .223 3rd Generation PMags by removing their base plate and inserting the magazine into our coupler. This coupler is made from high quality aluminum and hard anodized to provide an ultra durable platform to support 60 rounds of .223 ammunition. We designed this to be everything we wanted in a coupler. Easy to remove and clean, easy to grab as the contours make it feel like grabbing a single magazine, the proper clearance for your controls, and ULTRA durable. The unique design also allow several options for easily stowing mags in your pockets or belt. Whether is is for duty use, competition, or recreation, this is the solution for that extra firepower at your fingertips.

***FOR THE GEN3 PMAG ONLY, 20, 30 or 40 round magazines.***

Springer Precision FASTMAG .223 Gen 3 Pmag Coupler
Price $50.00
5 or more $42.50 each
Availability Not Available